Hailing from the Eugene-Springfield area of Oregon, Pedro starting working in the service industry as an apprentice for Chef Ray Sewell of Grateful Dead tour fame at the age of 15. As an actor and musician having moved to Los Angeles, he has worked in the bar business since 1998. From the bustling bar/restaurant scene on Beverly Blvd., to work as a private bartender at parties in the Hollywood Hills, he came with Aidan Demerest to open Seven Grand DTLA in 2006.

Pedro worked as a barback at Seven Grand by choice, focusing on the ergonomics of a fresh squeezed juice program in a high-volume bar, and the expansion of selections available on Seven Grand's now famous Whiskey Wall. He and his co-workers educated themselves, over time, on the massive variants of flavor profiles that make up the world of whiskies. For the last several years, Pedro has help to co-curate the Seven Grand Whiskey Society, a constantly growing group of enthusiasts that meet almost every week.

"Spirit Guide" is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek title bestowed upon Shanahan because of his status as a donation-based yoga teacher in Los Angeles. He also teaches improvisation skills to inmates in the California Prison system, and with at-risk students in the LAUSD. He integrates his approach to palate training and whiskey education with the diverse range of experiences these differing pursuits bring.

Pedro heads the 213 Hospitality Group's education program, working with staff at each of the groups Single Spirit bars to better identify what each customer is looking for and help lead them to the spirit they are seeking, from absolute beginners to experienced enthusiasts. He also hosts the Bar Jackalope, the sipping library located in the back room at Seven Grand.


Born in Seattle, Andrew began working in the bar business in Spain in 2002, tending bar and hosting Karaoke in Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava.  He returned home to Seattle the following year with a single focus on getting behind a bar again as soon as possible.  After several stints Bussing and Waiting tables, he was promoted to the bar at the Olive Garden on the day of his 21st birthday.  It didnt take long from there before he found a job shaking Margaritas by the dozen at Seattle hotspot El Camino.

After moving to LA, Andrew found that his Seattle resume was worthless and a headshot essential.  He got lucky and found a job by the Ocean shaking cocktails where neither were important, and was only willing to leave the Sunsets when he walked into Seven Grand for the first time in 2007.  It completely solidified everything he had thought to be true in this business up to that point and became not just an attractive new place to work, but a calling.  6 months later an impassioned email landed on the desk of the then GM David Fleisher, a fellow Seattle Native, who knew his references and gave him a shot.  Barbacking on Fridays turned into a full time job behind the stick that continued evolving all the way to working as General Manager of Seven Grand.

Growing with the bar and the industry, a wonderful trip to Japan instilled the inspiration needed to help launch a new concept in Seven Grand called Bar Jackalope, which served as an incredible learning experience and the highlight of his career thus far.  Andrew has continued his growth with 213 Hospitality under the guide of Cedd Moses and is currently the Director of Operations for their Single Spirit Bar Group, consisting of the growing Seven Grand family of Bars in California and Texas, as well as Las Perlas and Caña.